Angus Grelak – Head Boy

Chipping Campden School was founded in 1440 and I am very proud to be the Head Boy this year and to be a small part of the school’s history. I am studying A Level Physics, Economics and Business Studies and hope to go to university to study Economics.

I am very excited to part of leading the school and giving something back. Moving up from Year 11 to Sixth Form was challenging at first, but the step up is one which I love, and I have grown as a person in the process. The spirit at Chipping Campden School is excellent.

I can honestly say I have enjoyed almost all of the academic and extra-curricular challenges that I have been given. The staff and the students are focused, friendly and open and I look forward to working with the Head Prefect team and staff to make small changes, which make a big difference, and to welcoming visitors to our school.

Jaylan Gulbahce – Head Girl

I am still in disbelief that I am able to be head girl and thoroughly honoured to be chosen. I have always wanted to represent the school in such a way, ever since I saw the Head Girl that I looked up to as a tiny, scared Year 7. Much has changed throughout the years but that has always remained constant. To have gone through my five years here and to have been voted by my peers and my teachers really moves me - as I've always wanted to make a good impression to everyone who walks into my life. I'm so excited to make the small changes that will make a big difference to myself, my school and to the students for years to come. I hope you all know, whether it be a Year 7 or Year 13, that I am very approachable no matter the subject at hand and always, always come find me if you have any concerns.

This is an amazing opportunity and I will keep my promise to always make your vision, my vision and be the voice for all of you throughout my next year at this school. In terms of my future, I’m currently studying Media, Sociology and English literature and language. Although Drama isn’t one of my subjects, I aspire to go to a drama school and become an actress. Another option for me would be to study English Literature and Language at university.

Amy Jensen – Deputy Head Girl

From Year 7 to now, I have so many wonderful memories of my time here at Chipping Campden, and as Deputy Head Girl, I look forward to making many more throughout my time in Sixth Form. I am studying Spanish, English Literature, and History, with the hope of working in the Film/TV industry behind the camera, perhaps as a director, producer, or screenwriter. I started and now run my own weekly KS3 Film Club, which I thoroughly enjoy, as nothing makes me happier than sharing my passion for film with younger, like-minded students.

Some of my most cherished memories of Chipping Campden are from past drama productions which I have taken part in, including playing Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the female lead Scaramouche in We Will Rock You, and even playing a Mole in Fantastic Mr. Fox! I met so many talented people from all year groups while rehearsing, and the performances went terrifically, and I shall never forget them. I look forward to working with the Head Prefect Team to create more once-in-a-lifetime experiences, as they boosted my confidence, and the friendships I made on the way still exist today!

Edward Righton – Deputy Head Boy

I’m Edward and I have been a student at Chipping Campden since year 7. I am currently studying economics, politics, business studies and mathematics. Throughout my time here I have been given fantastic opportunities that have allowed me to prosper and excel. The outstanding facilities and learning experience here allows every student, regardless of ability, to exceed their potential. Chipping Campden caters and delivers everything to an outstanding quality. The school has enabled me to participate in various experiences such as; the multiple sports teams we have here and in the young enterprise programme, allowing me to run my own business, later winning me the Chipping Campden Business Senior Student of the Year Award.

Being a member of Chipping Campden School gives me great pride and it is an honour to represent the school.


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