CPD Programme

CPD changes every year at Chipping Campden, because it responds to what works. Our goal is to develop teachers in understanding educational research and adapting that to suit their subject, and their department.

We avoid gimmicks and show lessons and focus on how students learn. CPD challenges us to look at the impact of our teaching, measure the progress of our students, and then ask, “How can we improve that?” 

Informal groups, departments and individuals try out new strategies and report back, so we can all learn from what does and doesn’t work.

We guarantee each department at least 2 hours per training day where they develop their own skills and knowledge, so they are not the victim of ‘one size fits all’ CPD.

Our main focus is always learning. From 2017-18, CPD will concentrate on how to use iPads to develop learning in the classroom and the home.


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