Post 16 Options


What are the Post 16 Options.

Post 16 studies can be completed at Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

What do the different levels of study mean?

Level 1 – GCSEs at band 4 and below. 

Level 2 – GCSEs at band 5 and above.

Level 3 – A Levels, AS Levels, Cambridge Technicals, and BTEC Level 3.

In terms of potential options, one is to consider our excellent Sixth Form.  All information about our Sixth Form, the courses on offer, and entry requirements can be accessed through our website. (

Another Option is to consider College.  At Chipping Campden, we have an excellent relationship with all our local colleges.  We have had students going to City of Oxford Colleges (, Warwickshire College Group (, Hartpury College (, and Stratford upon Avon College (

Students have also gone to Cheltenham Town Football Club to take up their Level 2 and Level 2 Btec Sports Diploma.  This course combines receiving football coaching with academic studies, and leads to a nationally recognised qualification. (Attach brochure here CCFCTFC).

Finally, there is the option of an Apprenticeship. An Apprenticeship combines a work placement with training.  It helps to prepare young people for the world of work and supports with English and Mathematics if required.

Apprenticeships are available at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher/Degree levels, and are available in a wide range of employment sectors. The length of time that it takes to complete is dependent on the level and occupation. All Apprenticeships are real jobs so young people on the programme can earn a salary.

All Apprenticeship opportunities must be advertised on the National Apprenticeships Website. Your son/daughter must be registered on this site to apply. They are allowed to start an Apprenticeship once they have reached the compulsory education leaving date, after the last Friday in June.

More information about Apprenticeships can be found using the links below.


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