School Catering

We offer students three services:

• Breakfast

• Mid morning break

• A main meal/hot food at lunchtime

The school menu is imaginative and offers students an extensive choice. In line with government guidelines we offer meals which are healthy and nutritionally well-balanced.

We believe in using high quality, locally sourced fresh produce, wherever possible. In addition we are firmly committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of our catering to both students and staff. Having our catering run by an 'in-house' team means we are able to benefit from the control we have over supply contracts and purchasing. The cost-savings and efficiencies this has given us has been of enormous benefit to the School.

From September 2019 Meat Free Mondays will enhance our committment to the environment, along with the many other changes our Catering Manager Tania Sanger-Davies has made to make our food packaging and food waste less harmful to the planet our children will inherit. 




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