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Chipping Campden School Sixth Form offers a range of level 3 (Advanced level) courses and whilst there is a minimum GCSE requirement of 5 GCSEs at grades 9-4 to gain entry, many students dramatically exceed the minimum entry requirement. As an open access Sixth Form, we try to run level 3 courses which meet the needs of a wide range of students who will have achieved very differently during their GCSEs.

Application is via application form (click on the bar above). The form is also available from year 11 Tutors for students at the school, or on request for external students. Applications are invited following the November Sixth Form Open Evening and are accepted until the end of the third week of September in the year of entry. As curriculum decisions will be made in the Spring term, students are encouraged to observe an end of January deadline so that their individual subject combinations can be considered when timetabling decisions are made.

The entry for the year will close at the end of the third week of September and any late applicants will be invited to apply for the next academic year. Late transfers (where students have been studying the same/ similar courses in other institutions), will be considered at the discretion of Mr Elmes, the Head of Sixth Form. All applicants, whether internal or external, will be invited to an advisory discussion with a member of the Senior Leadership Team. A separate Open Morning is organised in the Spring term for external students who have applied by that date. Advisory discussions with external students will form part of the morning.


The sixth form enrols approximately 120 students each year into year 12. Currently, around 10% - 15% of each year group is made up of students from schools other than Chipping Campden School, though this is increasing. The agreed maximum admissions number for external places is 50. This being the case, the maximum number of places available in the Sixth Form is the number of year 11 leavers in the school plus a maximum of 50 additional students. In all cases, successful entry is based upon prior academic achievement.

Oversubscription Criteria

In the event of the Sixth Form being oversubscribed, priority will be given in the following order:

  • Looked After Children
  • Students who meet the fair access guidelines
  • Students who have applied for subjects with smaller group sizes

Any tied situation with be overcome by lottery.

Entry Criteria

Five GCSEs at grade 9-4 are the minimum requirement to enrol for an Advanced level course programme. It is preferable that English and Mathematics are two of the five. Students who do not achieve either English or Mathematics at GCSE grade 4 are expected to retake during year 12. Some subjects require or prefer 6 grades at GCSE. Students taking a programme of heavily literacy based subjects are preferred to have achieved a 6 grade standard in English. The Sixth Form prospectus provides the entry requirements for each subject individually. It is possible for students to take a subject at GCE level, which they have not taken at GCSE if prior learning in a related area supports their request (e.g. Associated Board Examinations in Music). Individual consideration will be given to students who have followed level 2 courses as an alternative to GCSEs who wish their equivalent achievements to be considered for entry to GCE qualifications.

All year 12 GCE students will follow either 3 or 4 subjects. All students take AS level General Studies in addition to their main subject programme, unless exemption is agreed with the Head of Sixth Form.

All students will have the option of completing an Extended Project Qualification at level 3 (EPQ) and the AQA Baccalaureate.

Students who intend to progress to A2 must attend lessons following completion of A/S examinations in June until the end of the summer term and achieve a minimum grade E pass at A/S in order to continue on to A2 courses in year 13. Most students dramatically exceed the minimum entry and students who have achieved E grades will need to consider whether or not it is in their best interests to continue to A2 given such a low base line.

All students are expected to follow a minimum of 3 subjects in year 13. The vast majority of students will follow 3 full A2 courses, a small number of students may complete 2 A2 with an AS subject, dependent upon timetable restrictions. Some students may continue with 4 GCEs in year 13.


Applicants who are refused admission to the Sixth Form, or to individual GCE subjects, are entitled to appeal. The appeal should be made in the first instance to the Head of Sixth Form. If the matter cannot be resolved, the matter will then be passed to an independent appeals panel.


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